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beautifully broken

There were three things I was certain of when I became an adult – death was unavoidable, love is unpredictable, and hardships were guaranteed. It was those three things that urged me on in my adult life and I have yet to be proven wrong. Those three things – three often traumatic but rewarding things – are what make us human. To be human means to suffer. But the stunning part about suffering is that we grow from it, we learn from it, we take what was given to us and make the most out of it.

This led to another thing I was certain of – we may be broken, but we are broken beautifully.

Perfection is a false ideology in terms of humanity and it is those flaws that make us unique. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being broken. Witnessing people face tragedy head on and emerging with a new sense of purpose or unity is a beautiful, wonderful thing. We hear stories of it all the time. Yet time and time again, we fail to acknowledge that is it ok to be broken.

The short stories contained in this book all feature characters who are beautifully broken in one way or another – whether that is cancer, death of a loved one, mental illness, in a poor relationship, or even lack of a friend – all of them face adversity and a personal challenge. The spectrum of stories is wide in this book and my hopes is that in it is something that everyone can relate too. 

Read on with diligence, purpose, and hope so that you may realize that we are all beautifully broken and it is an amazing thing to behold.